Stepping Stones

On behalf of the staff, docents, volunteers and Board of Trustees of Stepping Stones—the Historic Home of Lois and Bill Wilson, we offer our condolences to you and all of Ernie’s other loved ones and friends who gather this week to remember and honor Ernie. We send our best wishes from a place Ernie knew well because of his on-site research and his generous service on the committee that created the Stepping Stones’ Interpretive Plan that is still used today.

Ernie’s unmatched scholarly explorations into the history of A.A. and the lives of the Wilsons and Smiths are discussed on most days at Stepping Stones. We have the unique opportunity to witness the ongoing interest and excitement about Ernie’s work as it comes through in discussions among our visitors, in presentations by our tour guides and in our Welcome Center, where “Not God” is our long-time best seller. I recommend it to every scholar and media person when they inform us that they are embarking on a project concerning spirituality and A.A.

In recent weeks, many of those close to Stepping Stones, as well as national media representatives, scholars and 12 Step group members who have visited here to tour or research have expressed how grateful they are for the contributions of Ernie. He is admired for his writing and ideas as well as his fairness and curiosity. People love the recordings of his dynamic, witty and informative presentations. He is deeply appreciated for the manner in which he mentored and assisted a great many amateur and professional historians. Ernie will be in our thoughts on June 6 when we unveil our marker as a National Historic Landmark—a designation that we know Ernie was very happy about.

Ernie is missed by many affiliated with the Wilsons’ home and archive. Ernie’s work and ideas will live on here for generations to come. Again, we offer our heartfelt condolences to you from all of us at Stepping Stones.

With kind regards,

Sally Corbett, Executive Director

The Stepping Stones Foundation

The Historic Home of Lois & Bill Wilson, co-founders of Al-Anon & AA respectively