Passing of a Pioneer: Ernie Kurtz (1935 – 2015)
Ernie Kurtz

Addiction professionals across the globe mourn the loss of Ernest Kurtz, the Harvard-trained historian who made landmark contributions in the study of addiction recovery. Beginning with his classic work Not-God: A History of Alcoholics Anonymous, Kurtz went on to make seminal contributions through his studies of the varieties of recovery experience, his explorations of shame and guilt, and his many studies on the role of spirituality in addiction recovery. He served as scholar, teacher, and mentor to generations of addiction counselors through his prolonged presence at the Rutgers Summer School and other major addiction conferences.Ernest Kurtz died September 19, 2015 of pancreatic cancer. He leaves a series of authored and co-authored books that following on the heels of Not-God, including The Spirituality of Imperfection, Shame and Guilt, The Collected Ernie Kurtz, and the recently released Experiencing Spirituality.