The Caravansary

We should recall that Ibrahim ibn Ad’ham was once the king of Khurasan. One day the noble individual responsible for his spiritual instruction brought his camels into the royal palace.

Ibrahim ibn Ad’ham was annoyed at having a caravan enter his great central court and he said to the spiritual guide (who appeared in the guise of chief caravaneer): “This is a royal palace, not an inn or caravansary!”

The spiritual guide replied: “Oh yes? I took it for a caravansary.”

“Did you not hear me? I told you it was a royal palace.”

“You are mistaken; it really is a caravansary. Where is your father? Where is your grandfather?”

“They are both dead.”

“You see, those who settle here a while eventually move on. In what way then does this differ from a caravansary? One day you will also go your way. I wonder what provision you have made?”

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